What Is It?



What is TRADiTREE? It is a tool to aid you in stringing a traditional lacrosse pocket in modern field heads. After you string the sidewall, TRADiTREE sits on the back of the head and holds the four leathers in place as you string the traditional pocket. It can be used for most any traditional pockets like:
* Single string Traditional
* Double Traditional
* Pitas
* X pockets
* O pockets
And the list goes on.


It takes the place of using a ball and butter knife or chopsticks. I used to use a wooden one but at times it was in the way and it held the leathers at the wrong angles. So, after a few different versions, I came up with the TRADiTREE.


You can see that the leather slots follow the angle of the ball. It is a true pocket form. The slots are at tangents to an official lacrosse ball size. After, you slide out the TRADiTREE and the ball sits perfectly where ever you placed the pocket.

You can place the TRADiTREE on the head for a High, Mid, or a Low pocket in your traditional string job.



Take any unstrung modern field head.

2014-11-01 12.29.04 HDR

Install your sidewall string.

2014-11-01 12.37.18

Install your leathers.

2014-11-01 12.42.30 HDR

Then place TRADiTREE where you want the pocket to sit. High, Middle, or Low.

2014-11-01 12.44.39 HDR

Then place the leathers in the “slots” and tighten them down.

2014-11-01 12.48.28 HDR2014-11-01 12.48.51 HDR

Now begin stringing your crosslace.

2014-11-01 13.07.28 2014-11-01 13.07.052014-11-01 13.32.52 HDR2014-11-01 13.33.01 HDR2014-11-01 13.33.07 HDR2014-11-01 13.33.11 HDR


You still have to adjust  diamonds and placement, but not nearly as much as before.

Photos of the finish product.

2014-11-01 13.58.41 HDR 2014-11-01 13.59.02 HDR 2014-11-01 13.59.25 HDR 2014-11-01 13.59.38 HDR


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